About me


yan valdez



Where do I start! How about a little background info? I was born in a small town in Mexico which you've probably never heard of (future blog post idea?) my family relocated to Houston, Texas when I was about 7. Ever since I can remember I have been an artist (till this day my mother reminds me how I ruined her favorite bed sheet sets because I loved to draw on her bed), as soon as I was old enough to handle scissors I was making my barbies dresses! Needless to say I figured that I wanted to pursue a creative path at a very early age. So as soon as I graduated high school I moved to NYC with my best friend with very little money even less of a plan yet it was the greatest decision of my life! In my time there I got to work as a stylist, buyer, designer, blogger, creative director and photographer you name it. 

Im am currently based in Houston, Texas and still love what I do! The purpose of this blog is to share more of what goes on behind the scenes of a creative director's life, world travels, style, and all the amazing projects I'm working on. I live to create exciting, unique content and concepts for amazing people and brands. Whether that entails me being behind the lens, in front of the lens, and/or having a creative vision and producing it with other peoples lenses. 

Thank you for following my passions and pursuits! - xoxo, Yan V.